This story is brought to you John’s first camcorder, the Canon ZR90 MiniDV, which eventually became his travel partner and guide for storytelling, in all of its standard definition glory.

In the summer of 2005, John brought his parent’s camcorder to marching band camp, where he interviewed fellow bandmates about their trials and tribulations, and even asked pressing questions to the band directors, like what their favorite Metallica song was, all while he captured the memories of having fun in the summer vacation sun.

After shooting all day, he took the footage home, captured it in real-time on the Pinnacle editing software, and got to editing. That is where he learned the thrill of creating something out of nothing, while also throwing on some sick star wipe transitions and 30fps slow-motion. After making his masterpiece, he invited all of his friends over to watch. After receiving critical acclaim from all of his buddies, John knew he was on to something big…

Skipping ahead past the boring stuff, like becoming the daily video editor for the student-run news channel in high school, and getting a degree from Kent State University, he got a part-time job as a PA at Fox Sports Ohio, where he learned the structure and discipline of being behind the scenes in the sports production business. After just under two years there, he moved on to work at WTWH Media as their Videographer Manager, where he helped build and shape their video department, along with supervising other videographers across their 8 brands. He currently works at Kuno Creative as a Multimedia Producer.

John currently lives in the Greater Cleveland area with his girlfriend and three cats (s/o Hoodie, Pogo and Lilly). When he’s not attending a show, binging the latest and greatest Netflix series, gaming into the night, or finding something to do in Cleveland  (whichever Metropark or brewery we feel like going to that day), he is creating videos out of the everyday pleasures and moments of life. And he’s always looking for the next thing to shoot.